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Component Library with following characteristics:

- Easy to use

- Standardize format

- Parametric

- Inique Identifier

- Second Source

- Cross reference list

- Manufacturer and vendor

Battery operated BLDC to replace small engine.


3S What does it stand for

Simple Electronic Hardware (SEH): Programmable devices concept can be made compliant to SIL requirements with minimal software documentation.   

Safety Integrity: Reliability, Availability and Maintainability affects cost and complexity.  There is always a simple solutions.   

Solid State Device: Can, if designed as such, improve reliability and safety. Furthermore, the nature of the device can also reduce maintenance.

Lean Six Sigma

You can eliminate waste and do the right thing     You can improve your process and do things right.     For your product development  You can't afford to do the wrong things right.

Design for Testability

Electronic product cost is sensitive to multiple factor and one of them is testability. Multiple aspect of the design and manufacturing process can affect testability. Among others are: Accessibility, controllability, test equipment type, coverage requirement. If your not sure about your product testability, talk to us, will ensure you're on the right track for success.